De-tangling comb made from 100% recycled plastics
Recycling Grams has taken a product typically made from virgin plastics and manufactured it from 100% hair salon waste. Injecting new life into a familiar object and enriching it's value through the material.
The 47 Gram combs are made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles, reclaimed from salons. Australia’s first closed-loop recycled comb.
Product design
Production management
Branding strategy
Marketing collateral
Project Background
Our clients want to re-create everyday products in a more sustainable and environmentally responsible way, starting with the humble plastic hair comb.
The Process
We assisted in design strategy; considering the lacking of options on the market and opportunities to make a product that is highly practical and sustainable. We collaborated with our sister company DEFY Design as the a local, low-impact recycled plastic manufacturer. We also assisted in establishing Recycling Grams branding strategy; logo development, marketing collateral, brand language and identity.
The Results
100% made out of plastic bottles, 100% recyclable, comb. A solution providing people with the opportunity to make conscious decisions in their purchases. Available in 3 colour themes, each comb possessing its own individual colour variation, no two combs are alike.
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100% Australian made

100% made from recycled plastic
The Outcomes