Industrial Designers and Founders are presented with a myriad of choices when creating products and preparing them for manufacture. Now more than ever, considering sustainability throughout the product development process is vital. Not only will this assist in curbing climate change, but the market for sustainable products is estimated at around $150billion and is growing year on year.
Slurry Tub
Slurry tub is a portable filtering system that provides a simple and cost-effective environmental solution for the disposal of cement slurry.

Environmental Solution
Portable filtering system that provides a simple environmental solution for efficient disposal of cement slurry, making clean up on a building site cleaner and safer for the environment.

Sustainable Materials
A heavy-duty recyclable polypropylene tub that has replaceable biodegradable filter components, designed to drain cleared water quickly.

Geca Authenticated
Certification that the product is better for the environment, has a lower impact on human health and has been ethically made.
Fat Tuesdays
100% post-consumer recycled HDPE plastic sourced and manufactured locally in Sydney.

Recycled Materials
Each chopping board diverts plastic for landfill, repurposing it for new life.

Local Manufacture
Made locally in Sydney with our partners Defy, we are able to reduce shipping costs and carbon footprint.

End of Life
Designed with integrated handle and no additional hardware to ensure the boards can be recycled, again and again.
Dreamy Femme Packaging
Sustainable packaging made in Australia and is fully recyclable. Many packaging finishes are not suitable for recycling as they contain a thin plastic layer which either gives the box a gloss or matte look.

Direct Print
By choosing to not finish the boxes with a matt or gloss coating, we were able to ensure the Dreamy Femme box is 100% recyclable. It can also be recycled into new paper streams, minimising our waste.

Custom Insert
We designed a custom insert which completely encases the delicate ceramic piece and ensures that no part of the mailer, when damaged, will touch the ceramic piece. This also removes our need for extra packaging materials such as foam peanuts, bubble wrap and tissue paper.
Algae Bioplastic
In-house experiments at P&T on algae based bio-materials.

Carbon Negative
Algae is a tremendous carbon sink - finding reasons to grow it
will help in drawing down excess carbon.

The resulting biomaterials are 100% home compostable, eliminating
any end of life issues.
Sustainability is at the core of our design process
When designing and producing products it's time to stop worrying about being "less bad" and start finding was of actually being good.
We have the experience to guide you towards a better product.

Collaboration with Defy Design

Located in Botany, our sister company focuses on using recycled plastics to create new products. They can ensure your design is produced to high standard all while keeping the manufacturing locally made in Sydney. They have a wide range of manufacturing processes available and work with the shared goal of sustainability throughout the design process.