Product Design for Startups and Founders
We develop your product as a whole, balancing development costs with unit profitability for early sales volume and marketing strategies. Early stage decisions around material, manufacturing and features have huge impact on cashflow and success.
Nourish Ingredients
Custom packaging design created to hold samples of Nourish Ingredients products; a unique brand experience reflecting the revolutionary product inside.
Why should startups outsource Industrial Design?
Industrial Design encompasses a broad skillset and working with People&Things means you will get the combined 40+ years of multi-disciplinary experience. We have an established network of suppliers that can simplify your process of getting to market. Our goal is to design functional and desirable products that integrate with your own range and business goals. We ensure we work with you to get the right balance between development costs and profitability.
Our Capabilities
Let us guide you through the early stages to give your product the boost it needs to succeed in the world.
  • Product Commercialisation Strategy
    We have worked with various stage startups and entrepreneurs, across a range of industries. We paint the bigger picture, identifying risks early on to maximise the resources spent on the way to market success. We provide extensive competitor research, user research, value canvasing and marketing strategy under one roof: one stop shop from idea to market, if you may.
  • Intellectual Property
    Understanding how to protect your intellectual property is one of the most important business decision you'll make. Our team of experts can help you navigate different level of protection and choose the right one for your idea. We provide
    R&D documentation, IP investigation & application along with innovation coaching.
  • Funding & Grants
    We guide our clients in communicating their strategy to investors and aid in finding grants and government schemes that fit the project. We understand the pitching process - we've been there many, many times before. Talk to us on how you can be eligible for the R&D tax incentive.
  • Innovation & Sustainability Consulting
    Our expert consultants will work with you to outline the possibilities in material and manufacturing technologies to navigate competing demands with maximum efficiency and minimum impact.
  • Design Services
    Our award-winning design services include:
    • Industrial Design
    • Engineering
    • Prototyping
    • Manufacturing
    • Packaging Design
  • Crowd Funding & Management
    We have gone above and beyond the funding goal with the Kickstarter and Indigogo products and campaigns we designed. We love the fundraising rush and we know exactly how to achieve it.