Cold drip coffee maker
ATMOS creates café-grade cold drip coffee, using a proprietary extraction process and compact, elegant design. Completely self operated, ATMOS is designed to eliminate the need for filters and adjustments- simplifying the cold drip brewing process to fit every kitchen counter.
Product Design
Manufacture Management
Brand Indentity and Logo Design
Packaging Design
Fundraising campaign design and management
Social Media
Marketing Strategy
ATMOS is a Indigogo favorite, reaching the fundraising goal of $50k in a matter of couple of weeks and since has been creating buzz on the design scene, scoring features in highly regarded publications and winning an Australian Good Design Award.
Project Background
Our clients are specialty coffee enthusiasts who tried cold drip coffee in Vietnam and never looked back. They wanted to create a product that simplifies making cold drip coffee at home.
The Process
Our approach was deconstructing the cold drip process and eliminating all elements that are not essential. Paring down the product to it's essential functionality gave us the opportunity to obsess over materials, quality, proportion and flavour. The result is a stunningly minimalistic kitchen centrepiece, made of marine-grade steel and borosilicate glass, based on a three step attach-and-flip design that makes a full bottle of cold drip extract with a setup time of 30 seconds.
The Results
ATMOS was developed in 1 year and launced on Indigogo to fund product development. Indigogo goal was exceeded, creating loyal ATMOS coffee fans along the way. Available to purchase on
Global sales through client's website

Indiegogo goal of $50k was exceeded by 113%

Went to the market after 1 year in development

The Outcomes