Anxiety, stress relief fidget toy
Calm Buddi is a sensory fidget toy, designed to relieve users of stress and anxiety. The pocket-sized companion’s contrasting sensations create a calming and grounding effect, bringing the user to the present moment. Made entirely from recycled post-consumer plastic.
Product design
DIY (Design for Manufacture)
Production management
Business strategy
Calmbuddi is a Kickstarter favourite, reaching its funding goal in a blink. 300 units were sold through the campaign and online channels.
Project Background
Having a deep and intimate understanding of struggles with anxiety and depression, our client created a tool to assist calming users down and re-shifting their focus in overwhelming situations. With the support of her peers and school counsellors, our young client wanted to develop the personal project into a product that can be mass manufactured and sold.
The Process
The solution needed to be affordable, accessible, sustainable and (there we have said it) cute to appeal to primarily younger sufferers of anxiety, depression and autism symptoms. Our sister company and local recycled plastic manufacturer Defy Design produced turtles out of plastic bottles, saving sea turtles (see what we did there), relieving anxiety symptoms and reducing the cost to our client.
The Results
A cost effective, manufacturable Calm Buddi product was developed and launched on Kickstarter to fund product development. Kickstarter goal was exceeded. Available to purchase on
The Outcomes
Kickstarter goal was exceeded after only a few months of development

Successful sales through Defy website and Sensory Oasis for kids website