Double Chambered Wine Glass
Doble is a huge customer favourite, featured on Chanel 7 Sunrise, pre orders of 2500 units, global sales through online website.
Doble is a dual wine glass solution designed to assist the forgetful behaviour and inconvenience of hydrating with water while drinking alcohol. Rather than juggling two drinks, the user intuitively is able to drink from both sides, creating a responsible method to consume alcohol.
Product design
Production documentation
Production management
DFM (design for manufacture)
Kickstarter and R&D
Packaging design
Project Background
The client’s fun idea originated during COVID lockdown. Creating a double chamber wine glass specifically designed to prompt you to balance your alcohol consumption with water. Promoting an enjoyable drinking experience while also keeping you hydrated at the same time.
The Process
P&T conducted design development from concept to functional prototype, including experimentation in fluid dynamics, CAD models and DFM. P&T engaged with manufacturers to determine the products feasibility, leading to final production. Additionally P&T assisted with the commercialization strategy; Kickstarter strategy, R&D, production management, logo and packaging design.
The Results
A custom made drinking glass with a unique 'S' curve, split feature geometry in the middle of a wine glass, creating a functional double chamber. Designed to set a precedent for good habits for balanced and mindful drinking.
Global sales through clients website.
Product featured on Sunrise Morning Show
The Outcomes
Pre orders of 2500 units