Food grade chopping board, made from 100% recycled plastics
Fat Tuesdays is a kitchen favourite, the first batch of chopping boards sold out within just 3 hours since the launch, calling for the second batch currently in production.
Fat Tuesdays is a professional food grade chopping board created using 100% post-consumer HDPE plastic. Dishwasher safe, integrated handle with no additional hardware to ensure the boards can be recycled, again and again. The perfect fun product to brighten up your cooking experience; prep meals on, for serving, or simply for decoration.
Product design
DIY (design for manufacture)
Production documentation
Production management
Project Background
As a qualified nutritionist and recipe developer in the sustainable food industry, our client found the need for nice-to-look-at practical kitchen equipment. Good quality plastic chopping boards being a necessary, demanded product in the market, Fat Tuesdays aims to improve the flimsy, thin existing products.
The Process
The design of the board had to match its fun simple purpose. P&T explored form through CAD modelling, prototyped 3D printed models to experiment with different curvatures and handle sizes. We collaborated with our sister company and local recycled plastic manufacturer Defy Design, to ensure the design catered to their machinery and processes. Defy then experimented with colour sampling, and manufactured the boards.
The Results
Innovative kitchen product that is functional, user friendly and aesthetically striking, while playing nice with the environment. The thick form contributes to its value and durability, making it a reliable long lasting product. Available in many colour variations, its unique speckle finish ensures no two products are identical.
Plastic collected through the charity Lids4Kids from local Sydney sources
Food safe to Australian standards, BPA-free
The Outcomes
Featured in 'Inside Out' and 'Gourmet Traveller' Magazine