Sustainable dog leash 
HIJAC is a crowd favourite, a stylish dog lead that plays nice with the planet. Sold in pet accessory stores as well as environmentally sustainable product stores to many content customers.
Eco friendly stylish dog lead. Ergonomic handle for a comfortable and secure grip. Speckled finish achieved by shredded flakes of 100% recycled locally sourced pet shampoo and conditioner bottles. Leash rope made from 100% recycled P.E.T bottles. Small batch production, sold in pet stores
Product design
Production management
Production documentation
Kickstarter creating and management
Project Background
Frustrated with the available options on the market, our clients came to us to co-create a radically considered sustainable dog leash that addresses ergonomics, aesthetics and sustainability.
The Process
De-mystifying the factors that made existing solutions fails such as function driven bulky form and uncomfortable grips, we experimented with form on 3D printed prototypes through a vigorous user testing process, to design a unique ergonomic handle. Co-creation with DEFY for sustainable manufacture.
The Results
Dog leash handle with a unique aesthetic and ergonomic form; featuring a spacious centre with curved edges and finger indents, for a comfortable secure grip. Sustainably manufactured from 100% local circular plastic, locally at DEFY.
Sales through client's website and DEFY designs website

P&T reduced part cost and complexity by 80%
Available for purchase at pet shops and environmental sustainable stores
The Outcome