Custom packaging design
Nourish Ingredients is a food technology company leading the movement to revolutionise how alternative protein products are made. Their mission to make plant-based meat and dairy alternatives better, tastier and more sustainable, has lead the team of world-class Aussie scientists to create a product that simulates the taste and texture of animal fats, without using animal products.

Custom packaging design created to hold samples of Nourish Ingredients products; a unique brand experience reflecting the cutting edge product inside.
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Packaging design
Project Background
Our clients wanted to achieve that wow factor, that effective brand experience that gets the users excited about the product inside when they engaged us to create custom packaging for samples of their "food technology".
The Process
We expressed the magnitude of technology inside through using heavy, top-grade stainless steel, resulting in a sleek, sculptural form. Design decisions were made to optimise resources for boutique production and a refined brand experience to be remembered. Every proportion and corner radius carefully considered to highlight the product inside and add to a coherent brand story of a high-tech product.
The Results
This packaging was used in a short run of product samples sent out to selected influencers, chefs and marketing partners.
CSIRO backed
Nourish raised $11 million USD in seed funding
Exposure in numerous publications

The Outcomes