Sound blocking pillow
SleepMuffs was a Kickstarter success, exceeding their $38k goal by $62k, reaching $100k of crowd-funding. Locally designed and made in Australia, SleepMuffs is now a fully patented design around the world.
Sound blocking pillow, ergonomically designed and shaped to provide neck support in a bed or while travelling. 5 layer composition blocks 33dB of sound, providing soundless sleep. Patented design, Australian made, Kickstarter success.
Product design
DIY (design for manufacture)
Production documentation
Project Background
Drawing on his experience on many long haul fights and noisy sleeping environments, our client wanted to develop a product that promotes soundless, undisturbed peaceful sleep on the go and also at home.
The Process
Upon in-depth ergonomic studies and user testing, we worked in parallel with the client, developing his concept into a high quality travel and relaxation product, ready for mass manufacture. We provided strategic advice, CAD models, prototypes and experimentation with expanding foam models, renders and a mould design for manufacture.
The Results
A neck pillow made from high quality sound reducing foam and covered with soft breathable fabric. Designed using anthropometric data, Sleepmuff’s ergonomic form helps relieve muscle tension by cradling the neck, avoiding any strains, while ensuring a completely sound-proof sleep.
Available for pre-order, Manufacture has begun
Received more than double of their pledged crowd-funding Kickstarter goal

Patented design, protected globally for next 14 years
The Outcomes