Disposal of cement slurry 
SLURRY TUB is a Patent protected design, Geca (Good Environmental Choice Australia) authenticated, featured in Green Review, Australia by Design and The Block Australia.
Slurry tub is a building site product for the disposal of cement slurry, making clean up on a site easier, cleaner and safer for the environment. A new favourite for a variety of tradesmen on a range of sites, sold at Mitre 10 and to many construction companies; Henley homes, Partridge Engineers, JMP building to name a few.
Product Design
Manufacture Management
Packaging Design
Overseas Production Management
Marketing Strategy
Project Background
Coming from 20 years experience in the construction industry, our client observed the difficulty bricklayers have with cleaning up concrete slurry. Faulty disposal of which results in council fines, loss of clients, ending up in storm water drains, harming the environment and wasting water.
The Process
We aimed to create a simple method that improves the clean up process, while reducing run-off water contamination. We produced multiple prototypes, conducted user testing to ensure that the product will be readily adopted in the market. We managed the overseas manufacture process, liaised with potential investors and developed a business strategy for the commercialisation of the product.
The Results
A portable filtering system that provides a simple environmental solution for efficient disposal of cement slurry. A heavy-duty recyclable polypropylene tub that has replaceable biodegradable filter components, designed to drain cleared water quickly.
Supported by City of Sydney (COS) council with a grant to test product
GECA certified

Featured on Australia By Design and The Block
The Outcomes
Available to purchase through Mitre 10